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2003 bike accidents result in 2097 deaths

2003 bicycle mishaps bring about 2097 passings

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Cruiser mishaps represent most of street mishaps the nation over. The loss of life in cruiser mishaps has expanded for this present year contrasted with a year ago. This year 2097 individuals were killed in 2003 cruiser mishaps in the country from January to October. 764 of them are understudies. One more 1286 individuals were harmed in these mishaps.

The Street Wellbeing Establishment has shown this image of bicycle mishaps on streets the nation over in the 10 months from January to October this year.

The association dealing with street mishaps informed this data in a public statement on Sunday (20 November).

This data has been featured in the report ready based on data from 9 public dailies, 7 web-based news entryways and electronic media.

Saidur Rahman, the leader head of Street Security Establishment, said in the notice that among January and October, there were 374 (18.67 percent) impacts among bikes and different vehicles, 629 mishaps (31.40 percent), cruiser crashes with different vehicles, and bike impacts with different vehicles. There were 958 (47.82 percent) impact episodes and 42 (2.09 percent) mishaps because of different causes.

Among these mishaps, there were 374 (18.67%) cruiser crashes with different vehicles. Aside from this, 629 (31.40%) mishaps happened because of loss of cruiser control, 958 (47.82%) occurrences of being hit by different vehicles and 42 (2.09%) mishaps happened because of different reasons.

The report faulted different vehicle drivers and people on foot for the mishap. Dissecting the mishaps, the report said that the motorcyclist was exclusively answerable for 837 (41.78%) of the mishaps. Transport drivers represented 8.43% (169 mishaps), truck-coveredvan-pickup-farm vehicle streetcar truck drivers represented 37.04% (742 mishaps), confidential vehicle microbus drivers represented 2.79% (56 mishaps), three-Wheeler (Easybike-Autorickshaw-Autovan-Nasimon-Bhavti-TomTom) drivers represented 5.94% (119 mishaps), pedal cart and bike drivers represented 0.84% (17 mishaps) and people on foot represented 3.14% (63 mishaps).

Of the mishaps, 695 (34.69%) happened on public interstates, 879 (43.88%) on local streets, 329 (16.42%) on country streets and 102 (5.09%) on city streets. The quantity of vehicles associated with the mishap is 3,561. Cruisers 2,133, transports 214, trucks-coveredvans-pickups 756, drum trucks-farm vehicles streetcar trucks and so forth 129, microbus-privatecars 103, three-wheelers (easybikes-autorickshaws-autovans-Nasimon-Bhavti-TomTom) 207 and pedal Carts and bi-cycles 19.

Examining the time, the report said, 3.14% mishaps happened in the first part of the day, 26.80% toward the beginning of the day, 16.37% in the early evening, 19.67% in the early evening, 10.63% at night and 23.36% in the evening.

Referencing the reasons for cruiser mishaps, it is said that – crazy riding of bikes by youngsters; Simplicity of acquisition of high velocity cruisers and obstruction free riding society; propensity among drivers to not be aware and submit to transit regulations; unfortunate traffic the board; laxity of management by concerned specialists; the hair-raising language of cruiser publicizing to draw in teens to speed; Family extravagance of foolish way of behaving of kids and so on.