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Ananya praises ten ladies

Ananya praises ten ladies

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In acknowledgment of their commitment in different fields, ten ladies got ‘Ananya Top Ten Honors 2021’. The current year’s ‘Ananya Top Ten 2021′ honorees are Nazneen Ahmed (Financial specialist), Bitpi Run Chowdhury (Corporate Character), Tripa Majumder (Stage Entertainer and Chief), Shahinur Akhtar (Dauntless Fortitude), Salma Sultana (Researcher), Rudmila Nausheen (Technologist), Shahriar Farzana (Photographic artist), Santana Rani Roy (Hand to hand fighting Teacher), Mocha. Ichmat Ara (Ladies Business visionary) and Jaya Chakma (First FIFA Official). Aside from these ten individuals, expert Sarat Mala Chakma got a lifetime grant in acknowledgment of his extraordinary work.

The honor was introduced in a function at Abdul Karim Sahitya Bisharad Hall of Bangla Foundation on Saturday (November 19) evening. Speaker of the Public Parliament was the main visitor. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury. The fortnightly Ananya and everyday Ittefaq manager Tasmima Hossain directed.

The main visitor of the program. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury said, the unyielding longing to push ahead past different impediments, difficulties and obstructions has worked the most in the foundation of their prosperity. I emphatically accept that ladies’ power will go far in Bangladesh. Since we see many brilliant illustrations of it around us.

Tasmima Hossain said, Bangladesh is a little country. Who is 51 years of age. What’s more, Ananya’s age is only 35. Ananya has raised and respected 280 individuals up until this point. A considerable lot of the honorees from Ananya are presently adding to numerous significant areas of the nation including state organization. Today our central visitor is the Speaker of the Public Parliament. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury herself likewise got Ananya Sammanna in 2013.

From 1993 to 2020, ‘Ananya Top Ten’ has regarded 270 achieved ladies. Top state leader Sheik Hasina, Instruction Pastor Dr. Dipu Moni, Speaker Shireen Sharmin Chowdhury and numerous others have been regarded with this honor.