BNP is by and by careful in face, strong in heart: Obaidul Quader


Awami Affiliation General Secretary and Road Transport and Expansions Minister Obaidul Quader. archive picture

General Secretary of Awami Affiliation and Priest of Road Transport and Platforms Obaidul Quader said, “Win walk will be balanced in the city of Dhaka by chopping down the public power, BNP pioneers have been meandering aimlessly countless these things like parrots.” Different tone as of now, have no clue about what technique. As of now they are saying that we will have a gathering, we really want assent. Monitored demeanor on the face, powerful showdown in the heart. We are ready, will play in December. In the last game political choice.

General Secretary of Awami Affiliation communicated, suggesting the talk given by BNP Secretary General, “Even the posterity of this country acknowledge who did the fire dread”. Cause a commotion in and out of town, Begum Zia herself said.’ He communicated this at the essential social occasion of Bangabandhu Sainik Relationship at Krishibid Association at Farmgate in the capital on Friday night.

Obaidul Quader communicated, ‘Come to the political choice. Then, at that point, it will be seen who people are with. Sheik Hasina will again feel how notable she is in the political choice. Awami Affiliation isn’t BNP, which doesn’t hold meeting countless years. The leading group of legal administrators is accounted for at home.

Denouncing BNP, Obaidul Quader said, ‘how they are going, they are going towards weakness. Bangladesh will not at any point go towards weakness. No matter what the sum they plan. BNP presently says that the fire was done by Awami Affiliation or unlawful terrorizing. Mr. Fakhrul you can lie, you can do such incalculable misrepresentations! For sure, even the posterity of this country acknowledge who did the fire dread. The people who were young people then, moreover acknowledge who did the fire dread. Hawa Bhavan and Begum Zia’s construction to a head of Chittagong… still in sound – fire. Bomb, said Begum Zia herself. Have you disregarded?’

Raising the subject of Bangabandhu’s manslaughter, Obaidul Quader said, “BNP is the owner of the administrative issues of retaliation.” Their boss Ziaur Rahman started the authoritative issues of retribution. The November 3 Jail butcher was a continuation of a comparative plan. Then on August 21; This social occasion pursued BNP Sheik Hasina with a hazardous attack as commonsense goal. Not allowed to talk in Parliament. BNP’s essential enemy is Top of the state Sheik Hasina. By and by plot against him; Why has he been in power for so long? I handle the motivation behind why the consuming. They don’t see progression. They see the lack of definition of the night in the enlightenment of day.’

General Secretary of Awami Affiliation also said, ‘Awami Affiliation doesn’t plot. 19-20 times our boss has been an overcomer of stunts and has not bowed. Sheik Hasina has no clue about how to give up. Will startle him off, mull over 10th. Why defensive attitude again? It seems, by all accounts, to be that this power has been taken out. It seems, by all accounts, to be that this breeze has appeared. I expect I got back the peacock grand position. There was such a tendency. Where did this thought go? By and by we had no such thought. So who showed the red card?