You are currently viewing BNP pioneers are seeing the shade of power: Obaidul Quader
BNP pioneers are seeing the shade of power: Obaidul Quader

BNP pioneers are seeing the shade of power: Obaidul Quader

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Awami Affiliation General Secretary and Road Transport and Frameworks Cleric Obaidul Quader said that BNP pioneers are at this point yearning for power. You can dream whatever amount of you can, there is no objection. It has no effect the quantity of people that see gazes vacantly at nothing in particular, you keep on considering them to be well.

He communicated these things while watching out for the primary guest at the tri-yearly assembling of Gazipur Metropolitan Awami Relationship at Bhawal Rajbari ground in Gazipur area city on Saturday (November 19).

Obaidul Quader communicated, “If there is a change of power, it ought to be in the political choice.” There is no decision to change power without races. Races will be held in Bangladesh also as in all countries of the world. Sheik Hasina government will not intrude. By fussing to untouchables, BNP has now become Bangladesh Nalish Party.

The expansion serve said, BNP as of now demands that Sheik Hasina give up power and take a save leave, they demand that we exit safely. Anyway, in what mouth do they express things like this. They don’t have even the remotest clue how to move. BNP trailblazers and workers are foaming at the mouth when they say they are supporters. Regardless, in any event, following 13 years, they coming up short on capacity to take out a procession to demand the appearance of their boss. Do whatever it takes not to keep away from panadar? Do well known evaluation? Can’t do a procession. Sheik Hasina has kindly allowed your arraigned accused trailblazer to stay at home.

He said, ‘Awami Affiliation trailblazers and workers arranged. BNP has gotten fire going fear again. Sheik Hasina’s introduction plaque was cut off at Kanchpur Tie. These will be played against fire-dread. This time, the game will be played against taking votes, against degradation, against pillaging, against Hawa Bhaban. The game will be played in December, the improvement will be countered, the game will be played in the time of win in December. In December, you will convey bamboo with sticks? It won’t end up working, it will be played, it will be made due.

Obaidul Quader invited BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir to come to the Awami Affiliation’s third gathering in Gazipur and said, ‘BNP simply says that gatherings have slipped on their social affairs. Fakhrul Bhai came to Gazipur! See what Dhal is called.

He said in regards to the BNP rally in Sylhet, “There is no flood in Sylhet, simply the flood of Surma stream.” And here are the blustery surges of the Strait of Bengal. Contrast Gazipur and Sylhet. Here the city, and there five districts. Look together, where the gathering is more. They left 7 days early on from wherever the country for the BNP rally. Some have cut down the dhal since three days earlier. The trailblazers and activists went to Sylhet from wherever the country with cotton cushions, bed sheets and handi patil. Where the get-together is set off seven days early. Since there is simply unendingly eating. Kitchen is working out decidedly. Eat step by step. Meat, cheeseburger, chicken, fish pieces and what to say? Then, Pepsi or Coca Cola. BNP is perfect.

He said, Sheik Hasina has shown the world what progression is. Padma Expansion was worked with his own money. South Asia’s simply entry Bangabandhu Section in Chittagong, Dream Assignment Metrorail of young age in Dhaka, Elenga Six Way is presently expecting commencement. Sheik Hasina bewildered the whole world by presenting the 100th platform in one day. Seeing such a great deal of progress of the ongoing government, BNP has started to suddenly erupt. Mirza Fakhrul’s chest is consuming. Fakhrul Sahib wears dim glasses, so they can’t see anything. They see the dinkiness of the new moon in daylight. The full moon night centers in the brilliance of day. Do whatever it takes not to see that. Can see the new moon.

Concerning passing of Father of the Country Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman on August 15, 1975 and the unstable attack on August 21, 2004, Quader said, “The main impetus of August 15 is Ziaur Rahman, the trailblazer behind BNP.” He repaid the executioners. Likewise, his youngster Tarek Rahman expected August 21.

Obaidul Quader said, “Assessment criminal Tarek Rahman has been sentenced to seven years.” In the video gathering Hasina, Hasina says. Sheik Hasina can’t express in light of everything. There is something like this in this country under the power of Fakhrul Bhai. This is the social occasion of Gazipur today. Awami Affiliation Public Social occasion ahead. When was your social affair? What’s extremely important to you? make an effort not to review Fakhrul also doesn’t have even the remotest clue while the gathering. I don’t remember while the gathering was. We have a get-together of the distribution board in two months, a social event of the distribution board in one month and a gathering is held in the upazila in the locale. Does BNP have these?’

Past guideline and state serve Kamrul Islam said, “where the watchman government has irritated legislators, school instructors, authors, today the example of Khaleda Zia’s transient abducting was furthermore given by the regulator government. Their boss Tariq Rahman was beaten such a lot of that he truly needed a wheel seat to stack onto the plane. Additionally, they are the ones who are looking for gatekeepers today.

General Secretary of Awami Affiliation Obaidul Quader after his talk Supporter Azmat Ulla Khan as Head of Gazipur Metropolitan Awami Affiliation and Md. as Expansive Secretary. Ataullah proclaimed the name of Mandal.

This is the essential social occasion of the metropolitan Awami Affiliation branch after the plan of Gazipur City Association. Before this, the last board of Gazipur Metropolitan Awami Affiliation was outlined in 2015.

Gazipur Metropolitan Awami Affiliation President Ally Azmat Ulla Khan similarly talked at the get-together – Awami Affiliation President Mandli part Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak MP and Ally Kamrul Islam MP, Minister of Opportunity War Endeavors Administration Advertiser AKM Mozammel Haque MP, Awami Affiliation Figuring out Secretary Mirza Azam MP, State Priest for Youth and Sports Md. Zahid Ahsan Russell MP, Awami Affiliation openness and appropriation secretary Bir Muktijoddha. Abdus Sobhan Golap MP, Women Issues Sr