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I have reached stop the insane pony of ware costs

‘I have reached stop the insane pony of ware costs’

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To keep away from the vehicle strike and police provocation, senior allies of the party have come to Sylhet in front of the BNP rally. They say that the cost for most everyday items has expanded at a strange rate. They have come to the meeting to dissent.
One of them is Abdus Samad, a 65-year-old day worker from Kanthaltali. He was saying, ‘The strike has been reported for one day on Friday, and we are leaving on Thursday evening for recently. Here we are on the walk to stop the insane pony of product costs. 11 individuals in the family, it takes 200 teka to have tea in the first part of the day. Prior, I could acquire 300 teka day to day. Presently assuming I purchase rice for 600 teka day to day, I can’t buy oil. I don’t comprehend the party, they are holding walks and gatherings at the cost of products and telling me, I’m an accomplice.’

He expressed that in the wake of venturing out from home on Thursday morning, he arrived at the BNP’s mass social occasion at Alia Madrasa ground in Sylhet in the early evening. Cooking, eating and drinking are happening here. Eating and resting here.
Sitting close to Abdus Samad, Rahmat Ali (70) of a similar region got out, ‘Whatever Awami Association is doing, do what you are doing (go for it). In this present circumstance, nobody can run the family. Rahmat Ali said that he came to the field on Thursday night. A little wiped out, carried medication with him.

Enam Uddin (66) of Kanthaltali makes money by cultivating. He is a specialist of BNP’s organ association Krishak Dal. He said, the cost of merchandise builds, the cost of farming items doesn’t increment. They came to hear what the pioneers said in the gathering.
Jokiganj-Kanaighat BNP camp in Sylhet is in one corner of the field. Abu Bakar (60) sitting in this camp came from Chhatul Raipur of upazila. He said, 70 individuals from their association came to Sylhet promptly in the first part of the day. The heads of the party said that the police will stop them and annoy them. CNG-Laguna will likewise not be accessible. For this, he came from Raipur to Chhatul via auto-cart promptly in the first part of the day. Then, at that point, arrive at Sobhanighat in Sylhet city in Laguna. Alima strolled from that point to the madrasa ground.
Ranchers Abu Zafar (60) and Noor Uddin (60) and bricklayer Abdus Salam, who were with him, said that they emerged from the house so that regardless of whether they remained for seven days, everything looks great.

The laborers of this BNP in Kanighat said that the Jubo Association pioneer is a compost seller nearby. Their fields are being obliterated. Their backs are against the wall. He came to dissent for this.
Chalim Uddin left in a fishing boat from Pathabuka of Tahirpur in Sunamganj on Thursday morning. He said, ‘Thursday evening I ate in the trailer, Friday morning I arrived at the Alia Madrasa field. I will remain there around evening time.’ He said, ‘The circumstance has deteriorated, there is a need to dissent, in the event that the pioneer didn’t go to lengths, I would have come to dissent. They eat up to 30,000 kg of destitute individuals’ rice. I have come here to dissent.

Sunamganj Dirai Upazila BNP’s ladies’ board of trustees part Chitra Chowdhury said that she came to Sylhet on sixteenth. Went to a relative’s home. Each day Aliya comes to the madrasa grounds, returns in the early evening. He said, ‘I have come to join the development to forestall Rait’s vote.’
A visit to the Alia Madrasa ground on Friday evening saw countless youngsters in the parade that came occasionally. The elderly folks came promptly toward the beginning of the day and took up position in the field. Seniors are more irate about cost climbs.

Showering mosquito repellent Sisik: Yesterday evening, mosquito repellent was splashed with machines in and around open social occasion places. At the point when asked, one of the laborers participated in splashing said that they are laborers of Sylhet City Organization (CCIC). He said he couldn’t utter a word more. The city partnership’s water truck has likewise sprinkled water on the ground since the earlier day on Thursday.

Sisik City chairman BNP pioneer Ariful Haque Chowdhury let nearby journalists know that these vehicles and shower machines have been taken after a composed application from BNP. Different gatherings in Sylhet additionally charge such lease.
Awami Association isn’t holding a counter meeting: It was spread in Sylhet on Friday that Awami Association might hold a counter convention after BNP’s mass convention. Awami Association pioneers said that they are not thinking about any such program for the time being.
Region Awami Association General Secretary Zilla Parishad Executive Nasir Uddin Khan said that Awami Association has the ability to hold a convention within the sight of millions of individuals whenever. BNP has held a mass gathering, we need to do it as well – we think not. Public gathering of Awami Association ahead. The party president likewise has a visit to Japan. In this present circumstance, we might have a mass gathering in January within the sight of party president Sheik Hasina. Be that as it may, no guidelines have been gotten in such manner at this point.