Railless is a rail city

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Economy Work area: The city of Sirajganj, when renowned as a railroad city, is becoming railless. The city tenants used to awaken to the whistle of the train in the first part of the day, the city used to be humming with the commotion of thousands of individuals over the course of the day with the shrieking sound of the motor, there is right now just a single train in activity.
Dispatches, ships and ships ran to one of the country’s waterway ports at the eastern finish of Sirajganj city, the northern entryway. There were in every case a few trains on the railroad that bended in the two headings from the stream port to the city. After thirty years, these scenes are currently only a memory.
It is known from the exploration that Sirajganj city, overwhelmed by Yamuna, was worked as a railroad city in the mid nineteenth hundred years during the English Indian time frame. The two railroads that go through the city end at the banks of the Yamuna. There were four rail route stations in the city: Raipur, Sirajganj Bazar, Sirajganj Ghat and Bahirgola. The job of the city tenants rotated around the stations. Raipur rail line station had different gear for train upkeep and pivot.
After the development of Bangabandhu Scaffold in 1998, Rail route City Sirajganj step by step lost its greatness because of disregard and absence of arranging. Indeed, even after the development of Bangabandhu Extension, two between city prepares to be specific Padma to Rajshahi and Khulnagmi Sundarban Express, a mail train and a locan train were running. Later these trains halted individually. The last nail in the chest of Sirajganj is being passed through the execution of Bogra-Sirajganj double check rail line project. In this task, the most common way of wrecking the city of Sirajganj is going on.
Regardless of the solid resistance of the Sirajganj Swartha Raksha Sangam Panel and individuals of the city from now onward, indefinitely quite a while, the rail line specialists are laying out the intersection a couple of kilometers from the city. Cognizant individuals dread that the region city will be denied of rail routes thus.
Sirajganj Interest Assurance Battle Board convener Dr. Zahurul Haque Raja expressed that in 1915, the then English government constructed the Ishwardi-Sirajganj rail route by cutting the bill. This noticeable the start of another skyline for the correspondence arrangement of the whole eastern district incorporating Dhaka with the northern locale. Subsequent to coming to Sirajganj via train, the northerners used to venture out to Dhaka through Jagannathganj Ghat by ship from Jamuna Ghat.
The stream port Sirajganj was created as a railroad city through the Ishwardi-Sirajganj rail route. Four rail line stations were laid out in the city. Direct rail connect to Calcutta is laid out from Sirajganj through Iswardi and Darshana. There was an Assam-Bengal Rail route, which used to arrive at Sirajganj by means of Ishwardi through Siliguri, Darjeeling. In this manner an immediate association with Calcutta was laid out with Sirajganj. Sirajganj keeps on progressing in all fields of business, economy, schooling, wellbeing, culture. Rural items from here went to Kolkata and different items from Kolkata came to Sirajganj. He used to go by morning train and return around evening time train. Affected by Calcutta, Sirajganj additionally advanced socially. Sirajganj’s Harihar Shukla and his little girl Heimanti Shukla, Banshri Lahiri and his child Bappi Lahiri play had a cultivated impact in Indian music. Yadav Chandra Chakraborty lived in Calcutta. His child came here from Calcutta and set up a foundation emergency clinic.
Senior lawmaker Dr. Raja likewise said that assuming the railroad that is being worked from Bogra doesn’t have an intersection in Sirajganj city, this rail route city will pass on totally. There will be a great deal of effect on import-commodity and exchange.
Senior columnist Mustafa Kamal, supervisor of neighborhood day to day Jamuna Prabhaar, said that once Sirajganj city was so significant, where there were four railroad stations. Raipur had train support, rail turning and coal motor fix industrial facilities. There was a great deal of hardware, the remnants are still there. It was the heartland of Kolkata from Bangladesh. Rail line lines were laid out to move jute and agrarian items from all areas including Sirajganj, Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Tangail to Kolkata from Sirajganj.
He said, it is a railroad based city. Can’t separate the city by bypassing the railroad. A city which is port-driven ought to be a port, a city which is rail route driven ought to be a rail line city. The individuals who have denied this city of railroads don’t have anything to do with their set of experiences and legacy. On one hand, the public authority is building a nation overwhelmed by rail lines, then again, it is finishing a cycle by denying the rail line city of Sirajganj. In any case, rail route stations are being underlying various urban communities including Dhaka, Rajshahi and Khulna.
Raipur, Bazar station region has many sections of land of rail route land. Nonetheless, he claimed that means are being taken to obliterate the rural terrains by going along with them at new spots.
Catch Kumar Karmakar, an individual from the Sirajganj Swarthraksha Sangam Board and a head of the work development, expressed that after the development of the Bangabandhu Scaffold, the railroad station moved to Koddar Intersection. We were saying around then, assuming Sirajganj city gets isolated from the railroad, the city will become Hatkhola. It worked out, truth be told. We did tumults, strike walks, gatherings about it. Rearward in 2011, the State leader reported in a public gathering in Sirajganj that there will be a rail connect to Bogra through Raipur Intersection. Afterward, our rail route line is being taken to Bogra through Kalia Haripur rather than Raipur because of an authority of the Service of Rail lines. In this, the Apamar nation of Sirajganj have been cheated with offending the State leader’s commitment.
Sohrab Ali Sarkar, the previous commandant of Sirajganj Political dissidents Sangsad, expressed, “Sometime in the distant past, we used to see that many between city, mail, neighborhood trains used to go here, Bazar station and Raipur rail route intersection were consistently brilliant. Presently they are no more. On the off chance that there is no intersection at Raipur, the city of Sirajganj, renowned for rail routes, will pass on. Locale Awami Association President Backer KM Hossain Ali Hasan said, we needed an intersection in Raipur. I heard a small amount makes an enormous difference