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What is the retirement of data secretary Maqbool legislative issues association!

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Data and Broadcasting Secretary Md. Interest, conversation and theory about sending Maqbul Hossain to obligatory retirement didn’t stop. As the public authority didn’t explain the explanation, different bits of hearsay spread about the excusal of this high level authority of the organization.

Claims have been made that regardless of being an administration official, he was in touch with BNP pioneers, incorporating a confidential gathering with Tariq Rahman during his visit to London last Walk. As indicated by one more related source, Data Secretary Maqbul Hossain has been resigned because of ‘defilement and monetary outrage’. He used to support numerous significant documents without illuminating the priest’s office. There are claims against him of exchanging tenders worth billions of rupees the advancement activities of a few government media, workplaces and associations under the service. Others are likewise discussing the distance and relationship not working out in a good way for anybody at the high level of the Service of Data.

Nonetheless, friendly Secretary Maqbul Hossain excused these charges. He guaranteed that he had never met Tariq Rahman in London and in no way wanted to meet him. Moreover, there was no correspondence with the rival side. I have never compromised with morals in my day to day existence. I’m prepared to stand preliminary whenever. Presenting himself as the previous VP of a college corridor part of the decision Awami Association’s understudy body Chhatra Association, he told the media, ‘For however long I am alive, I will live with the soul of the freedom war. There are six political dissidents in my own home. Your sibling was the coordinator of the freedom war.

There is a ruckus among the authorities of the organization in regards to this. As per many remarks, in the wake of having the law, in the event that there is no significant grievance and proof, no secretary level authority ought to be excused along these lines. Aside from this, notwithstanding getting different offices from the public authority for quite a while, before the following races are drawing nearer, a class of authorities are attempting to change the political shell for the sake of ‘party lack of bias’. The data secretary’s mandatory retirement might be a message to such special authorities. Nonetheless, after the finish of 25 years of administration of an Administration worker, the Public authority may out of the blue consider it significant in the public interest to resign him from administration without doling out any explanation, he may likewise deliberately resign.

The data serve doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the fundamental explanation: In the mean time, the Data and Exposure Secretary Md. Clergyman of Data and Broadcasting doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the hidden justification for sending Maqbul Hossain to ‘obligatory’ retirement. Hasan Mahmud. In light of the inquiries of columnists at the secretariat on Monday, the data serve said, “I don’t have the foggiest idea what the basic explanation is.” The Service of Policy management can tell the hidden explanation. Since that service has declared the choice to resign the secretary. Such occurrences have occurred in the past too. I know nothing more than that.

At the point when gotten some information about this, Senior Secretary KM Ali Azam said, there is an arrangement that one can resign willfully in the wake of finishing 25 years of administration. Once more, the public authority can resign anybody in the event that it needs. Maqbul Hossain has been resigned by the principles. It isn’t feasible for him to say anything over that. In the notice endorsed by Senior Secretary KM Ali Azam, it was educated last Sunday, Md. Maqbul Hossain was given retirement in the public interest according to Segment 45 of Taxpayer supported organization Act-2018. Note that part 45 of the Public Help Act expresses that after the culmination of 25 years of administration, the public authority might resign a community worker without doling out any explanation assuming the public authority considers it significant in the public interest. Given that, in situations where the President is the naming power, the endorsement of the President will be acquired.

“I have never seen Tarek, I would rather not see him – Secretary Maqbool”: Active Secretary of the Service of Data and Broadcasting Md. Mokbul Hossain worked in the secretariat once and for all on Monday. Right now he confronted the writers. Resigned Data Secretary Maqbul Hossain said there was no contact with the resistance. BNP Acting Director Tariq Rahman has never witnessed firsthand and wants to see. Expressing that he doesn’t have any idea why the public authority has taken this choice, he likewise said that he gets no opportunity to be discontent with this choice and regrets nothing.

The public authority has not given any justification behind sending Maqbul Hossain to retirement. Notwithstanding, different media and web-based entertainment posts are indicating about BNP’s correspondence with him. There are likewise gossipy tidbits about his gathering with Tariq Rahman during his visit to UK. Recently, a media specialist found out if he had any gathering with Tariq Rahman during his visit to London. Accordingly, he said, ‘We went to London last Walk. We went with a group. Our Ashiqunnabi is there, our press, ask him, then, at that point, the matter will be clear.’
Maqbul Hossain said, “There is no such thing as an elephant kicks when an elephant falls. That occurred in Spring. Presently the inquiry comes how? I don’t think I at any point saw Tariq Rahman. I would try and prefer not to see Tariq Rahman.” Maqbool said that he has no issue with remaining in the dock assuming there is confirmation of contact with BNP, and said, ‘He who has gone through his entire time on earth in one spot, who holds Bangabandhu’s beliefs, will keep an association with BNP individuals, this doesn’t occur. Could it at any point be?’ The active data secretary said, he was the VP of Bangladesh Rural College’s Fazlul Lobby part of Chhatra Association. At the point when he was nine years of age